The cabbage soup diet

If you are looking for a quick way to lose a few pounds fast, you might try the cabbage soup diet. The cabbage soup diet has been around since some time in the 1980s. There is no known origin for it, although other names for it like the “Sacred Heart Diet” and the “Military Cabbage Soup Diet” imply that it is linked to a specific organization. These institutions deny any connection to the diet, however.

You can eat as much cabbage soup as you want.

You can eat as much cabbage soup as you want.

There are different forms of the diet and the ingredients may differ somewhat, but all versions of the diet state that you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want. If the idea of eating cabbage soup two meals a day plus a few more foods that are low in calories sounds good, the cabbage soup diet can result in quick weight loss. The cabbage soup diet is basically a type of fasting. The meals are so low in calories that weight does come off quickly in the week that the diet is followed – as much as 10 to 15 pounds. But there are drawbacks to this quick weight loss cabbage soup diet:

  • The boredom of eating the same thing day in and day out can cause the dieter to either give up on it or to not eat as much of it as they are supposed to, thus making their calorie intake for the day too low.
  • The diet doesn’t provide the right amount of nutrition required each day.
  • Most of the weight that is lost is from fluids and not fat. Most of that water weight will come back once you quit the cabbage soup diet.

What can you eat on the cabbage soup diet? The diet lets you eat all that you want as long as it is cabbage soup and items from the list of other foods allowed. This includes certain fruits, vegetables, skim milk, and meat. The cabbage soup recipes vary from version to version of the diet, but the basic ingredients are cabbage and a variety of low-calorie vegetables. Be aware before starting the cabbage soup diet that because there is little nutrition, you should not stay on it more than the recommended week. Be prepared for most if not all of that weight lost to come back.

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