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Diets are a tricky subject for most people. The word itself carries a heavy connotation of psychological misery and deprivation from favorite foods. Fortunately, as nutritional science progresses, we are understanding the internal workings of the human being better with each passing day. Following is a brief description of what to look for when researching diets.

The key component to understanding diets is the evolution of the human race. We began as hunter-gatherers, foraging where we could, and hunting game animals. From the early start in the tropical climate of northern Africa, humans branched out into the rest of the world, and began regionally adapting. This is why many of African and Asian descent are lactose intolerant, while many of northern European descent are gluten sensitive. The first step, then, when looking at diets, it to look your ancestry, and learn where you came from. This will help you find a nutritional plan best suited to your adaptations. Once you’ve got a grasp on how your ancestors ate, you can start shopping the vast array of information on diets out there.

A diet should be based on whole foods

A diet should be based on whole foods

The next thing to look for is going to be cost. What do the promoters of these diets expect you should purchase? Most fad diets, and popular magazine diets will expect you to purchase convenient meal replacements, or ready-to-go meals at a premium price. This should generally be a red flag. A proper diet requires little to no supplementation, and substituting ready-to-go food for whole food generally has long term consequences. Also, prepackaged meals tend to have additive ingredients that are harmful to your health in large quantity, or over the long term. Such substances include derived and refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and soy products, not to mention chemical additives that do nothing but enhance the presentation of the food. In the long run, you must choose a diet based on whole foods, take a little time to prepare and cook, and model yourself after your ancestors. Really, what you need to look for is something like the atkins or the dukan diet. There are no supplements to buy, and you eat like your ancestors. That’s it.

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